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Cat Cafe MoCHA

Tokyo, Japan

This cat cafe is easy to find. Just look for the Lawson and go to the 8th floor. There, for a small fee, you will be able to sip a beverage of your choice while you relax in the company of a dozen or so purr-y friends. There is a...

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Tokyo, Japan

This shop has a large selection of fun, quirky jewelry pieces and accessories, including rhino beetle earrings and bracelets that just scream "JAPAN!" If you can't make it to Tokyo, they have an online shop.

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Détour à Bleuet

Tokyo, Japan

This shop has a very Euro feel... like a little slice of Paris in Tokyo. They sell coffee and french pastries, along with clothing, bags and other small accessories. Despite it's location in the busy Harajuku district, the atmosphere...

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Kawaii Monster Cafe

Tokyo, Japan

Located in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, the Kawaii Monster Cafe has been described as a "party thrown by the monsters in your closet" and it's true! There are several theme rooms to choose from and the menu is colorful, quirky,...