Where do you want to go today?

Check out these cities for some inspiration.
Sasebo Sasebo 佐世保
Fukuoka Fukuoka 福岡市
Nagasaki Nagasaki 長崎市
Osaka Osaka 大阪市
Tokyo Tokyo 東京市

Today's Faves

We have lots of faves but today we are smitten with these. How about you?

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Maru Tatsu

Sasebo, Japan

This little ramen shop is located in the Haiki area, not far from Hario Housing. They have an English menu for easy ordering and plenty of options to choose from. Parking is limited.

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Saihi Bus Terminal

Sasebo, Japan

The bus station offers express service to Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and the Nagasaki Airport. It is an inexpensive (and comfortable!) option to driving or taking the train. An English guide to riding the bus can be found at...

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Sasebo Train Station

Sasebo, Japan

Sasebo Station is the major railway station in Sasebo with lines running to Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and beyond. Reservations can be made through the ITT office on base or at the station itself. There are souvenir shops, convenience...

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Seattle's Best Coffee

Sasebo, Japan

Located in the shopping center adjacent to the train station, this coffee shop is similar to what you would expect to find in the States with one exception; it has a glassed-in smoking area next to the pick-up counter. If you're...