Where do you want to go today?

Check out these cities for some inspiration.
Sasebo Sasebo 佐世保
Fukuoka Fukuoka 福岡市
Nagasaki Nagasaki 長崎市
Osaka Osaka 大阪市
Tokyo Tokyo 東京市

Today's Faves

We have lots of faves but today we are smitten with these. How about you?

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Dog Hill Cafe & Restaurant

Higashisonogi, Japan

Dog Hill Cafe is past Hario, on the 205 towards Nagasaki. The owners do more than just serve Italian, American, and Japanese food... they also host a pet hotel and breed corgis. Lots and lots of short, wiggle-bottomed corgis.

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Sasebo, Japan

Nishizawa is a multi-level department store that sells clothing, custom curtains, kimonos, household items, handbags, and much more. On the 4th floor, they sell sewing, knitting, and craft supplies. They have a large assortment of...

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Central Park

Sasebo, Japan

This park is located in the center of the city and is a great place to view cherry blossoms. There are softball fields, a Baptist Church, a play area for children, and a go-cart track to teach kids about rules of the road. There is a...

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Demon's Nose Mountain Forest Park

Taku, Japan

Google Translate may also call it "Ogre No Nose Mountain Forest of Rest." Either way, it's a huge head perched high on a mountain that offers incredible views of the city below. There's a parking area at the base, along with a...